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The Inner Fluency Technique has helped a staggering number of people overcome stammering or stuttering or even public speaking for that matter!


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The most practical book on overcoming stammering and the fear of speaking.

  • It’s NOT overnight success program
  • It will NOT work if you don’t practice every day for a week
  • It’s NOT a magic pill – but an internal transformation strategy

Stammering Begins Inside… Manifests Outside

Observe your self-talk! When I observed my self-talk, I was unknowingly or unconsciously fearing blocks as if I was getting stuck at a particular word or a syllable.

When I realized that, I asked a simple question: What if I could speak easily and naturally internally (in my self-talk)?

That is how I’ve manifested fluency externally (actually speaking!)

It’s conquering your internal world, before you conquer your outer world.

You can speak fluently only if you know how to internalize your speech when you talk to yourself.

Unfortunately, people who stammer take their fear of stammering internally to their nervous system. The result is that they stutter or stammer in the real world throughout their lives.

My Story

I was born in a family of orators. My father was an orator, so was my elder brother. It was only me who had a stammering problem. I asked many times to myself, “Why ME?” But that was a wrong question that I asked myself as I was growing up. When I was in school, teachers would ask each one of us to stand up and read the portion of the chapter in discussion.

While my friends were able to read aloud the content, I had to stutter to push out each and every word. I was laughed at… at times ridiculed. I could hear the giggles in the class as I was speaking.

When I got into college, the problem didn’t go away fully. I still had problems with certain words that started with p, t, ka, etc. Sometimes I would speak the words fluently as if I had no problem at all.

I didn’t dare to participate in any elocution competitions, group discussions, much less speaking in public. Speaking was a nightmare.

I dreamt stammering. I feared talking over phone. I feared speaking to strangers. I feared to make friends.


When I was going through my worst days, I had the feeling of ending my life. Then transformation happened. I realized that I need to conquer internally first to manifest fluency in the external world.

I read many books on NLP, self-hypnotism, Vipassana meditation, relaxation techniques and many more. Not only did I read all those books, I also practised each and every technique.

Finally, it occurred to me that I cannot overcome stammering just by speaking slowly or pushing the words out with a lot of air. It might work on a very few occasion, but not every time.

I also felt that if I had to bring a permanent change, the change should happen inside me – in my mind, in my self-talk, in my nerve cells, in my entire nervous system.

Then I learnt how to calm down myself internally, how to speak fluently inside my mind, and how to conquer inner fluency.

And you know what? I manifested a fluent speech. My relatives and friends said ‘MIND BLOWING!”

That was the ah! Moment.

This is the

Power of Inner Fluency

Change your inner world to change your outer world.

Your internal world creates your outer world.

Speech happens automatically.


STEP #1: What’s the ONE TRUTH that will set you free forever?

STEP #2: How to IMAGINE effectively to become fluent?

STEP #3: Every day 5-minute relaxation EXERCISE that will set you free

Introducing a

Inner Fluency Program





These steps have helped me immensely towards becoming a fluent speaker.

The first time when I experienced fluency, I realized what TRUE FREEDOM meant… Internal transformation holds the key to your FREEDOM. Again, it’s just not with stammering. You can apply the same principles whatever you are fearing.

If you are afraid of speaking in public, you can use these techniques.

If you are afraid of heights, you can use these techniques.

If you are afraid of speaking to strangers, you can use these techniques.

After all, what you produce outside is a result of what you feed inside. How to feed the mind effectively is what I learnt.

For all those who are suffering from stammering/stuttering

  • You will experience your FREE-FLOWING NATURE
  • You will instantly learn to CALM YOUR MIND with relaxation exercises
  • You will tune in to your inner fluency with RIGHT IMAGINATION

I have a message for you (a message I wish I could’ve given myself when I was in teens and growing up.

Stammering is just a habit. It’s your mind that is playing havoc with you.

If you feel that stammering is stopping you from achieving great things life…turn it into your advantage by following simple techniques that will transform your life.

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